Parangtritis Beach

One of the mainstay of Yogyakarta, which was already legendary, Parangtritis beach. The location of the place is indeed easy to reach with a straight asphalt path as far as approximately 30 km from Yogyakarta city. Parangtritis beach is also the first beach in Yogyakarta that is published to the international arena.

Offroad in parangtritis Yogyakarta
Jeep Tour To Parangtritis Beach

 Black sand beaches typical of the Plains gumukpasir from the mouth of the Opak river meets the exoticism scenery of limestone mountain on the East side made the Parangtritis Beach has a range of point spot for sunset views. Various international events are often held, especially sports Beach and is also an art and cultural event. The sacredness of Parangtritis cannot be separated from the from the time Parangkusumo, Mataram became a symbol of a meeting between the Kings of Mataram with Queen of the South.
In spite of it all, this beach is one of the hundreds of must-see tourist destinations.

This tourist attraction is already managed by the Bantul District quite well. Ranging from lodging facilities as well as a market hawking souvenirs typical of the local area.

In addition to the tour, in Jeep to Parangtritis beach there is also ATV, horse-drawn carriage & can rent to down the coast from East to West. In addition on the beach is also a great place for sports air/aeromodeling.

Here also there are baths called Wedang bathing place. It is said that the water in these baths can cure various diseases. In between skin diseases due to water from the baths contain sulfur. Hot water from Wedang bathing place also streamed to Parangtritis beach. Along with another spring. to rinse off after playing sand and also irrigates the small outdoor playground.

Sights Near Parangtritis Beach

A line to the West we can find Parangkusumo Beach and Depok Beach which is famous for its cuisine. Retreating to the South is the mouth of the Opak River, one of the two major rivers that are in Jogjakarta. In conjunction with the Progo River, the flow of sand washed into the sea from Merapi to dihempaskan then back to shore. Wind aided be humps mountain mini that we know with sand dunes. There are nearly along the coast south of Yogyakarta westward to the great river irrigated Kebumen.

Cruising the South Coast seemed to not be complete without an exploration adventure in the sand dunes.