Class outing 2018-MTS Muh 7 PK Klego Boyolali

The Division of the Door Prize to students2018 Class Outing organized by the MTS Klego special programs 7 Muhammadiyah Boyolali.  Situated in the tourist area of outbound 2 Fir Goa Beach. Event filled with fun games, flying fox, outbound and fringing the beach. The students of MTS Muh 7 in the event of fringing the coast visiting various places in the whole of the tourist beaches of Goa Fir.

Class outing at the beach Goa Fir

Worth mentioning as a tourist area of the family and the community. There are many meeting halls and the outdoor shaded blocks under the shadowy pine-tree, suitable for community activities such as outbound class, outing, camping, or just a family picnic. The easy accessibility and the range not too far away is also the reason. The event outing, outbound Klaten, Boyolali, Solo and surrounding areas often use Pine in Goa. More than 80% of the area is a conservation area, so get shrimp Evergreen certain You will still get the shade despite thousands of visitors entering the area of Goa Fir. This ongoing conservation, given there are shrimp FIR maximum age limit. Visitors can participate in planting spruce shrimp in coastal areas.

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