Jogja Tour Packages in Goa Cemara Beach

One of the things dear to miss when you visit Jogja, GoaCemara Jogja Tour Package. Browse local life filled with shades of nature. How to peel back the citizens spoke with nature as a source of kelangsungannya.

The village is at the other end Patihan coast south of Yogyakarta, with a thousand stories and a million shades. Daily life pattern that blends with nature, so to outsiders seemed like a bunch of tales of adventure.

In the region South of Yogyakarta, Patihan is humming, which was created from the temples of their traditions. Farmers, hunters, fishermen, and traders. All of which converge in rhythmic, systematic, move the wheels of the economy by working independently. Unique physical resources, cultivate, mempersolek expanse to be pretty tourist Kampong.

Jogja Tour Package – Goa Cemara Beach Patihan

Even when developing Patihan, local wisdom remains into something unforgettable. The arid southern coast and away from urban areas to teach them. To survive in the traditional way with a fixed fused keep sustainability of nature.A view on the coast of Yogyakartathe life of the village full of social nuance becomes interesting to excavated, packaged in a package tour adventure. Geographically Patihan landscapes has some typical unique. Residence village area residents to the Mainland on the north side of clay. Areas ‘ relatively ‘ Patihan though denser but still leaving a stretch of kebon and rice fields. Moor, an area with mainland sand and have been processed into the land. Most agricultural land is dry with seasonal cropping systems or with the help of artificial irrigation. In the lower areas, there are fields and swamps with small rivers which divide.

Adventure Tours

Interesting here is that the overgrown swamp Ngembak, grass and because it is long form the Mainland. Grassroots coalesce inter-related so very strong for dipijak even use vehicles on it.Twilight in Dam Bulak Buntungin certain parts that have not been too strong, the Plains will be bumpy, lithe, caused a sensation as we walk on a stretch of the sponge. The expanse of grass on Ngembak is utilized for land by the citizens of pengaritan, grass land source of livestock feed. This area is located between the village and the coast, occupying nearly a third of the territory of the village Patihan. Suitable for fishing spot, with discharge of fish from the Lake, Penggik, Ngembak and also Dam Buntung Bulak. Small time here is also directly connected with the area of rice fields and the mouth of the Progo directly.


The system searches the fish with fishing rods amounted to much. The simple traditional bamboo fishing rod with cord hook from nylon or strong string. Fitted lined the marshes or the shores of rice fields, with the number of tens even hundreds. Fishing line junction is several tens of minutes, and then taken back when the bait is already eaten fish.

Golek Gemak

Hunting wild quail that does a lot of its population on the southern coast. The Habitat of wild quail gemak or indeed in the area of sand dunes and farmland. Gemak found in farmland citizens because it eats grain farming. Hiding behind bushes and shrubs or simply sand dune. The hunt is conducted the night with flashlights and nets seser illumination to capture. Test your adrenaline at the time of the capture manually. Train a sharp because it is only at night.

Farming Sweet Beach

The results of most of the local farm hamlets Patihan and surrounding is sweet honey. The typical sweet Yam Beach has the uniqueness of different taste compared with results from other areas. The land of barren sand requires the Ordinance to farm full of the nuances of local wisdom.Down the agricultural areas With Jeepthis dry soil that makes sweet sand has excess glucose content. The texture of the cooked particularly when in the oven or on the sweet fuels become pera, not mushy. Burn sweet became a common activity at the break were Nlajak Patihan Beach child or golek Gemak. In addition to special tours that accentuates the beach locality, there is still much to do in Goa Fir. Activities adventure combined with gathering or outbound packages in Goa Beach Cypress.

Outing and Community Gathering at Jogja Tour Package

The beach Goa Fir has the advantage among other attractions in Yogyakarta and cool area extents i.e. infinite time. Easy access is connected directly with the South trails, flat and wide. Dozens of large tour buses can easily be arranged here. Tourist train to private cars, motorcycles or other vehicles able to accommodated with airy. No wonder Goa tour package choice Fir coast of Yogyakarta. Community events like kopdar, gathering national or gatnas, to a meeting of another major. Community event on the beaches of Goa Fir allows for combined with various stuffing event. Beach tour package Jogja combined tastes of visitors. Adapted to the theme, the participants, the need and the time duration of the visit.


Outbound activities located in the Beaches of Goa Fir. The lush area by the rows of fir trees allow for outbound Shrimp all the time, even though the scorching daytime though. An infinite area, the area is ploting into several blocks so as to allow more than five outbound group at the same time each day. Complete refuge facilities in the tourist area of the coast of Goa Fir. Includes parking areas, places of worship, sanitary facility, public hall, public area and etc.

Garden Party

Have a party pool under teduhnya spruce, with still being able to enjoy the atmosphere of its beaches. The typical fine dining restaurant the buffet serving Cypress, Goa on the sand with natural decoration. Event party on a small family some.  To the outdoor wedding wedding party who are trend among younger age now.

Fringing The Beach

Explore the diversity of coastal resources, find interesting things that would not be found anywhere else. Sand dune habitat as well as the coast unique and matchless. Learn new things while enjoying the natural beauty of Goa Fir with the life of its people. Examples of games on a fringing the beach: Participants get a verbal clue. Direction of looking for hidden text contains text challenge. Text Challenge contains challenge locality photography. Participants are expected to have knowledge of flora, fauna, and local wisdom Goa Fir. Things are never found or foreign requires participants to Googling or ask, and with the residents/visitors at tourist sites. Each photo accompanied by one member of the group in the frames to the evidence.

  1. Photographing Flowers Spinifex
  2. Looking For Flower Lantana
  3. Photographing Geleteng Sand (Jingking)
  4. Take pictures with a certain outfit with visitors.
  5. Writing a group name on the sand beach.
  6. Collect 10 seeds of Casuarina trees.
  7. Collect 10 pieces of plastic waste.
  8. Photo jungkung fishermen plying on the edge of the beach.
  9. Photo session with Thistle.
  10. Wefie with one of the parking attendants with 3 cute poses.
  11. Record the Community jargon Shouted and Sung loudly.

 Goa Cemara Cycling

Bicycle ride down the Beach in Goa, a tourist area with numerous challenges, the Fir has given guided tours. Tools: Mobile Android with GMaps each group were get instructions in writing, to go to the next post. Participants should add photos reviews on tagging existing GMaps in instructions, accompanied by referral to find the next clue. For example: the instructions I give reviews photos on Wooden Garden spot. Follow further instructions are in the blue bucket at the end of the hallway garden wood. On the instructions of the wood in the garden II, the participants should give reviews photos in the Park turtle. There are further instructions at the top of the tree in the garden of ketapang turtle. So ff.. Last of all the clue leads to the post Planting Fir shrimp. Participants must complete the challenge of planting Fir shrimp.

Turtle Conservation

The release of turtles in the South CoastTurtle Conservation Goa Fir entered in the tourist area of the coast of Goa Fir. Become one of the region’s animal rescue are indeed very rare. In addition to Evergreen rimbunan prawns, beaches and sand dunes, the turtle is the attraction of the tour packages, Goa Beach pine not owned in other tourist destinations in Jogjakarta. In particular the green turtles, turtle conservation farmers Group create the Mino Raharjo even Fishing is one of the milestones that can not be separated from the history of the formation of the tourist beaches of Goa Fir.    

Fir Conservation

Planting Spruce Fir Goa Beaches in ShrimpPlanting spruce shrimp symbolically or bulk is guiding by PokTani. Participants tour the beaches do planting on land that has been provided. Preparation for fertilization, irrigation and planting process at dokumentasikan. For all the care and maintenance of the farmers group handed over to Goa Cypress, Tani Raharjo.      

Stage Arts

There are 3 big stage include Hall of art, some of the Hall and gasebo for stage arts. Community event on the beaches of Goa Spruce can combining with a variety of live music, dance, or show other events. The stage may build in the area of kebon FIR. There are several spot photos and mounds of sand dune which can also be combining for package tours of the beach.

Jeep Tours – Jogja Tour Package

Jeep tour lately become trend Jogja tourism visits. One of the products of sand dune beach tour package is a tour of coastal cruising offroad.  Drive past the rows of sand dunes South Coast drive Jeep tours 4 × 4. While an occasional stop on the cool spots to photograph the ria along family or friends near you. Jeep tour through the sand dunes TrackEnjoy blowing the air of the beach while looking at the waves, or linger under teduhnya when passing through lush evergreen trees. Explore the beautiful places that can not be tracking by ordinary vehicles. View of the beach and all of its contents from the other side that you have never felt before. As a souvenir of your trip and the family in Jogjakarta.

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