Evening Beach tourism in Goa Fir

For those of you who are confused search for Beach Tourism night in Yogyakarta. Goa Fir New Year Festival is an annual event held in the tourist area of Bantul of Yogyakarta Fir Goa Beach.

This event started on Sunday afternoon, December 31, 2017. At this time enters the second time the course menu shows more diverse and exciting. Because at the moment the new year night like this Area being the only Evergreen Goa beaches are capable of accommodating the explosion of visitors from the region of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. This is in addition to the vast area supported one of the doors also access roads entering from a different direction and the course is wide and smooth.

New Year Festival-Beaches Evening

night Beach tourismAt Evergreen New Year Festival Goa 2018, jazzed up the show with a variety of stuffing event. Including Fire Perform, the stage musical, the release of Lanterns and not forget the Fireworks.

The main parking area located in the tourist area of Goa Beach Cypress, attended by thousands of visitors from Yogyakarta and surrounding cities.

Perform fire is with the use of thousands of candles or lanterns, utilizing former bottles that indeed a lot we find.

Modified in such a way by young artists KATARUPA (Coral Midshipman Patihan) so was able to become the light with enough duration until after new year's Eve party.